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I'M Batman!!!
Dude I wasn't that drunk,
Dude you were asking me what the numer to 9-1-1 was.
  Its about time to come to your senses that you are a bad decision maker when this is your 6th apperance in court, this week.

                 Dude i wasn't that drunk,

                                  Dude you suffocated my cat by sitting on it a saying giddyup horsey 

The ghetto is the only place where you will find a hobo, drug addicts, no one who is happy and your biological father.
Like if the only place your popular is on here, this is also the place where the most people will like you.
Hi my name is billy and I Don't like violence. if you are injured i really want to meet and help you cause I like you kid. So please don't go away.
Pull your pants up, for god's sake your not on the toilet and put your legs together.

I tried to do a jumping jack but the court won't let me change my name until i'm 18.

me; Hey babe watch this, in and out and in and out.

Babe; Luke quit walking outside and coming back in, this is not what i expected.