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I love my friends. I would have absolutly nothing 
without them. Kkrantz98 Khuberty5 Azzie98 They are my supporters in life. They are the ones who I can count on. (and some people who don't have witty's (losers...jkjk) ) I've had drama in my life just like everyone else and I just feel like it is getting worse but what can I do? People always think I'm strong and they think my life is perfect because I have a boyfriend. Yeah, right. My life is just the total opposite.But (like I said ^) what can I do? I'm just another teenage girl who is just another Witty writer <3  
Hi! My name is Lauren Elizabeth. I'm 14 years old and I live in a tiny town in Iowa. It's pretty boring here :/ I can ride my bike across town in 5 minutes if that tells you anything ;) i play volleyball, softball, basketball, and going to learn tennis. I play the piano and I'm learning the guitar. I love to dance and write but I don't like to show people :) Reading is my ultimate passion, you can just ask anyone I know :) I read almost 10 books a month. I know, it makes me sound like I have no life, but I do :)Thats all about me, nothing special but I'm still me - Lauren Elizabeth <3

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Admitt it,
The only reason you've ever wanted a Slug-Bug is so you can see kids hit their parents as you drive past <3


Admitt it,
Everything sounds better in an accent

I don't want to
break you heart

So, let me give

your heart a break.


Life is a 

  Thats why 

 is called 
the present.

If I ever have a boyfriend like
 Edward Cullen
who watched me sleep,
 I wonder if i would think its Cute or think, 
"Wow, what a crazy f-ing stalker..."


I don't need easy...

             I just need possible...

 Format credit - RunawayRachel

That two face, son of

Oh how I love Aladdin :)


Maybe someone, somewhere, some how, will understand what I am going threw. But untill then, I will be putting on my fake smiles and telling everyone I'm fine untill i find you <3


I have a great opportunity
but I'm to scared

to go out and reach for it.


Everyone has there blonde moments
 mine, just come more
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