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I love my friends. I would have absolutly nothing 
without them. Kkrantz98 Khuberty5 Azzie98 They are my supporters in life. They are the ones who I can count on. (and some people who don't have witty's (losers...jkjk) ) I've had drama in my life just like everyone else and I just feel like it is getting worse but what can I do? People always think I'm strong and they think my life is perfect because I have a boyfriend. Yeah, right. My life is just the total opposite.But (like I said ^) what can I do? I'm just another teenage girl who is just another Witty writer <3  
Hi! My name is Lauren Elizabeth. I'm 14 years old and I live in a tiny town in Iowa. It's pretty boring here :/ I can ride my bike across town in 5 minutes if that tells you anything ;) i play volleyball, softball, basketball, and going to learn tennis. I play the piano and I'm learning the guitar. I love to dance and write but I don't like to show people :) Reading is my ultimate passion, you can just ask anyone I know :) I read almost 10 books a month. I know, it makes me sound like I have no life, but I do :)Thats all about me, nothing special but I'm still me - Lauren Elizabeth <3

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Sometimes we just need to forgive and forget.
Just because we make a few bad decisions,
doesn't make us bad people.

/////////NOBODY is PERFECT\\\\\\\\\



If people don't like me
for whatever i do, for being»»»  me
then thats too bad! 
  I'm not going to
change to be
something I'm not, for
other people to like me!



People care about people who care  about themselves. 

But I just don't care about those people

When life hands you lemons,

make orange juice because

life is complicated

so make it different

<3 <3

gave up on guys 

because guys,

gave up on me!

</3 </3 </3

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