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Quotes by leahdunne

I think about 'us' alot, even though 'us' doesn't exist.
"shut up no one likes you!"
when someone corrects you.
pray for boston

Me not on my period: -Eats 90% of
the whole worlds food-
Me on my period: -Eats 90% of the
whole words chocolate supply.-
"If You Can't Fly,
Then Run,
If You Can't Run ,
Then Walk,
If You Can't Walk,
Then Crawl,
But Whatever You Do,
You Have To Keep Moving Forward."
mama told me not to waste my life
she said
spread your wings my little butterfly
you can do anything you set your mind to ~ eminem
never run for a man bus or train because when one leaves another arrives
dear lads
A girl will never stop say '' who do u like '' until she hears u say her name