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Live life to the fullest !!

Quotes by leahdunne

what u crying about
you got me ~Eminem
Some people need a hug.

Around the neck.

With a rope.
I just want one person to say, "Hey, I care."
i love if you were able to recored your dreams ... how awsome would that be !! :D
T.O.M.S a bast*rd
not much lads will actually realise that
hate life
hate living
whats the point in being here !!

Love hurts.
Boys lie.
Friends Cry.
People Die.
Parents yell.
You always try.
You're never good enough
and you don't know why.
theres nothing worse than loving someone that likes the girl u hate !!
they say love is right around the corner....i must be walking in circles!

there could be
a ghost aggressively
beside you right
now and you’d have
no idea
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