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Heylo I'm Leah.c: Um i love one direction, sleeping with sirens, and two door cinema club. I would be lost without my bestfriends. If ya follow thank ya kindly. Peace out girlscoutt.
Take me to a place
where the doors are open, a lovely little place where no one is broken.
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Quotes by leahlovesyou12

HE actually asked me out today.
   I haven't been on here in like forever, but I feel like it will help me. No one from my school unless they're my friends has a witty. Now I can vent. Without people thinking I'm insane. I know no one really cares, one of my best friends barely even talks to me. I try. I try so hard to keep her close. I'm almost already forgotten. She is basically my only friend on witty so if you see this Randi. Please don't leave our friendship behind.
Dear Tom Daley lovers,
^Thank me later.
So throw your dimonds,
in the sky.
We'll stay golden forever. <3

Who's going to the..

One Direction concert on June 2nd in 
Illlinois? that_awesome_girl and I are going.
Maybe we could meet up?
As long as you're not a creep.;) lol.
comment if you're going!

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Dear the insecure girls on witty..
b e a u t i f u l. Think nothing else. Don't worry about what anybody thinks. You are not fat, ugly, or ANYTHING ELSE. Keep your head up high. <3

For every fav, I will do
                              3 pushups.<3





What's on your mind?
A text or call from h i m . <3

Go to r/nosleep on reddit.
Look up When You Wish Upon A Star.
Read every chapter. :)
Oh, you hate me?
That's weird because I've never met you .

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