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hello :)
                  the name is Leah 
            my favorite season is fo sho summaahh.
i like to party.                  if you want to talk.. Contact me (: i'm mad chill.
I like all music.
my favorites:  Dave Matthews Band, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Lil' Wayne, LIGHTS, Goo Goo DollsJohn Mayer, Katy Perry, MGMT <3 and MANY more..
I am
16 years old          my favoite colors 
                   I love reading quotes because their clever .

! l0v3 t@1k!n' 1!k3 d!$ !! ugh 1!v!n 1yF3. nbd. 

                          Favorite quotes:
(mostly song lyrics) 
  Think about another day
Wishing I was far away
Wherever I dreamed I was
You were there with me - sister

lets get high and watch the time fly by...
 All lies and jest, still, a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest. -
Simon and Garfunkel, The Boxer 

All things can be forgiven if we can progress. - cat stevens 
brainyquotes.com; thinkexist.com; rockwisdom.com; not my summah design. .famousquotesandauthors.com; other quotes i just get when im listening to a song and I just write it as a quote; allgreatquotes.com.

        "Life is a ticket to the greatest show on earth."
-Martin H. Fischer

Quotes by leahxlovex22

[x] straightener
[x] curling iron
[x] mousse
[x] hair spray
[x] bobby pins
[x] round barrel brush
[x] blow dryer
[x] mirror
[xxxx] you have dyed your hair
[xxxxxxxxx] you have or had highlights
Total: 8
[xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] black eyeliner
[x] other color eyeliner
[x] eye shadow
[x] mascara
[] eyelash curler
[] eye shimmer
[x]eye makeup remover
Total: 11
[x] clear lip gloss
[x] red or pink gloss
[x] lip stick
[x] chap stick
[x] electric toothbrush
[x] teeth whitener
[x] more than 15 lipglosses
[x] toothpaste
Total: 18
Complexion/Overall face
[x] blush
[x] moisturizer
[x] face wash
[x] makeup remover
[] face wipes
[x] cover up
Total: 23
[x] nail polish
[] filer
[x] nail clipper
[x] nail buffer
[] cuticle remover
[] nail brush
[x] Fake nails
[x] nail scissors

Waiting on the world to change.

 Party's here.. 

times 2!

-Jersey Shore
i screwed up 30% of my teenage life

[x] Kissed someone before dating

[x] Gotten a phone taken away at school

[x] Gotten caught chewing gum

[x] Gotten caught cheating on a test

Total so far: 4 poimts?

[x] Arrived late to class more than 5 times

[x] Didn't do homework over 5 times

[x] Turned at least 2 projects in late

[x] Missed school just because you felt like it

[x]Laughed so loud you got kicked out of class

Total so far:

[] Got your mom, dad, SISTER etc to get you out of school

[x] Text people during class

[x] Passed notes

[x] Threw stuff across the room

[x] Laughed at the teacher

Total so far: 4
[x] Took pictures during school hours

[x] Called someone during school hours

[x] Listened to iPod, CD, etc during school hours

Total so far: 6
[] Threw something at the teacher

[xxxxxxx] Went outside the classroom without permission

[x] Broke the dress code

[xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] Failed a class

[x] Ate food during class

Total so far: 8
[] Been called the worst student

[x] Punished on a school trip because you behaved badly

[x] Didn't take your stuff to school

[x] Given a teacher the finger when they weren't looking

Total so far: 8
[x] Faked your parents signature

[] Slept in class

[] Cursed at a teacher behind their back

[x] Copied homework

[x] Got in trouble with the principal/vice principal/dean

[x]Thrown food in the lunch room

Total so far: 10
Multiply by 3 for a total.

Post as "I have screwed up ___ of my teenage life

Am i spinning, or is my room floating around me...

 Crush a bit, little bit, roll it up, take a hit. -Kid Cudi
Happy 4/20 :) fo sho the best day of the year.


I was Born,
/// to tell you I love you