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poetry has no boundaries, poetry opens up minds, poetry let's you step away from reality.


Quotes by legallyblond

Today is my one month


"When GOD was creating you
he took his time and made
everything about you perfect"

~my boyfriend


my boyfriend is amazing

' M    Y    H    E    A    R    T
S  T  O  P S  W  H  E  N
Y O U L O O K A T M E'
h   a   l   f     a     y   e   a   r;
  since i last heard your voice. just y e s t e r d a y i saw your face and
t o m o r r o w i'll see it again. just a w e e k ago i heard your laugh down the hall.
h a l f  a  y e a r since i saw your name pop up on my phone, h a l f  a  y e a r since i put my arms around you. h a l f  a  y e a r of emptiness.

& once again i'm reading quotes off Witty at 12pm.
1. [(3x^2-27)divided by 4)] times[ 8x^2) divided by(9-3x)]divided by [(x^2+3x) divided by 6]
a. x=5
b. x=12
c. x=3
d. x= wtf??

don't bullshit a bullshitter
when your eyes met minei fellfor you all over again.

i'm tired of everything.