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Quotes by legallyblondeluver

I Am 14.
I Shouldn't Have To Go Through So Much


I Always Thought My Prince Charming Would Come And Save Me.
 Well From The Looks Of How Life Is Going I Guess That Isn't True.

Why Me?
Why Try?
Why Like This?
Just Why?

I'm Only Human
I'm Gonna Make Mistakes
Get Over It. 


Your Lucky Enough To Be Different ... Never Change That.



Maybe We Are Just Not Meant To Be


Maybe I Should Stop Wasting My 11:11 Wish On You.

Your Greatest Mistake.
The Only Way Out Of Life nmq


You Can Take Everything I Have
You Can Break Everything  I Am
Like I'm Made Of Glass
Like I'm Made Of Paper
Go On And Try To Tear Me Down
I Will Be Rising From The Ground
Like a Skyscraper