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bella // 15 // state champs // cats

i'm not the best writer in the world but i try. i put everything into my work and i stand behind it (most of the time). i'm also kinda cool and i love people so please don't be afraid to talk to me. i love (almost) everyone so chances are i already love you. 

i use witty for song quotes, short snippits of things i wrote, and sometimes i vent on here, because nobody i know uses this site and i love the community here. i have been here since 2010, but under a different account until 2014, when i made this one. 

i love music and my favorite artists
are all time low, state champs, issues & the maine.
i love a lot of bands so if you ever want to talk pop-punk
my messages are always open. :) 

i don't really use this site much anymore,
you can reach me at my tumblr (killflower) 
or my instagram, (alienact).