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        you do something to me
        » THAT I CAN'T EXPLAIN  [♥][♥][♥]

doesn't it suck to be someone's second choice?

June 2014
How come when I do not understand something, not one person is there to help me? Isn't that the whole point of people? For everyone to help each other, be kind to one another, and make sacrifices for others to help benefit them? Or is that only in the movies?

fixation or psychosis?


Sometimes I still miss you.
Then I  try to remember all 
the bad times we had, and
all  of  the  rude  things  you 
said to me. Then I ask myself
why I ever loved a jerk like
you. Then I forget you even 
exist, and I move on from you.
three words and eight
just give me time
to give you a waste of time.


I miss him.
I miss his kisses on my belly,
giving me the feeling of butterflies.
I miss when he hugged me,
the way he made me feel protected.
I miss the way he would kiss me,
holding my face...
I can still feel where his hands laid.
I miss him, I remember the parts of my back, where he traced his fingers on.
I miss the way he held my hand,
it was tight, but still so gentle.
I miss his scent, I couldn't name it,
but I could remember the smell.
I miss our fights, but it made us stronger,
as well as our relationship.
I miss our phone calls late at night, about anything and just innocent and in love.
I miss the way he would comfort me,
asking if I'm okay and not letting me go
until I was...
I'll always miss him, but it doesn't matter.
He's moved on.
These feelings shouldn't mean this much,
but they do.


You say you love the rain,
then stand under an umbrella.
You say you love the sun,
then stand somewhere in the shade.
You say you love the wind,
then you keep the windows closed.

That's why I'm afraid when you say
you love me.

my quote.

wanto sneak out & run away,,
but then i realize, i have no one to sneak out with
a n d   n o w h e r e   t o   r u n   t o  .