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pink backround ;
I'm a nobody, nobody is perfect, therefore I am perfect!

''hello'' was our greatest fear.
Therein a simple greeting was a void of discomfort to overcome.
The fear was: What would we become thereafter?
Friends to lovers, or strangers within strangeness prevailing?
But our eyes met anyway,
and I said hello before my mind could even think it.


then "FIREWORK", 
 then "GRENANDE",
what's next?


Admit it
We all want that tree next to our window that we can sit on when were upset (:


   saw a baby;

wearing a shirt saying; "Santa doesn't
exist, but that's okay, caus I can't read."


I was on Facebook and a girl's status was "Never been called pretty." about 90 people commented; all guys, saying she was beautiful. She's autistic.  ♥

Girls go to college to get more knowledge.
Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupid-er.

→[♥] if you just flashed back to when you were little.

if you called a wrong number, and the person you called was a celebrity

-Hello? Mom?
-No. This is Lady Gaga.