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Leila Hassak! <3
I am not new to witty because I had another account Lola Sparkle. Unfortunately silly me I forgot the password so i made a new account.
, I am your average teen trying to get through highschool i will be entering sophmore year. I go to paramus high and i live in new jersey. I moved from Coconut Creek florida when i was going in to first grade i miss it truley <3  My besties are Gina(Gruzh), Aisling (gingy), Elyse (ellie) Rachel (poodle) New Jersey , Leslie (lollipop), Marianna(Mari), Beatrix(Bea or Trixie) Jessie, Nicole (nikkibear), Katie (katolina), Caroline (squishy) my home town coconut creek florida . I have a puppy named Biscuit and a cat named chocolate. I have two brothers named Case who is 13 and Sam who is 11 and going to be tweleve. I am currently single for now but I am crushing just like any girl. My parents unfourtunately are separated. I play soccer, surf, do dance and i love music more than anything. I love traveling i do it frequently since my mom and dad both travel with their jobs. I Happen to be that girl that puts others before herself and will make everyone feel good about themselves but herself..:/) I love the beach and food. I am very easy to talk to and i love meeting new people, i like to ignore the drama but if you try hard enough yes i will get mad and yeah you know what happens there. I found this website thanks to a great person i use it to find quotes and they inspire me and help me with my life. I love shopping and tv. I am currently modeling and doing photoshoots. I tend to be self conscious about myself :/. I will make friends with anyone except bitches. I hate bitches more than anything. I flirt ALOT. I have a job as a councelor at a camp. I love florida and california because i love surfing country. My favorite things are spongebob, i like xbox 360 games, Lady gaga, glee, nikki minaj, monster that goes rawr, hot chelle rae, blink 182, never shout never, the ready set, the summer set, kid cudi, eminem, justin bieber, biggie smalls, tupac,  My dream is to open my own clothing line and become a popular fashion model. I am on facebook, twitter, tumblr and blogspot so yeah lol talk to me sometime.

I believe every girl is beautiful in their own special way <3 I dont put anyone down for any reason I hate no one except bitches.. I always feel the need to tell everyone they are pretty when they comment.
So yeah get to know me <3 comment/like my quotes :) 
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Quotes by leilsisawesome222

Emerald Hayes
Chapter 3 
I walked with Allison to the Sign Ups for soccer and we both put our names down. The try outs were tomorrow at 3PM on the back field. I couldnt find John or Jeremey or Kyle so unfortunately I had to take the bus which I already hated. It smelled like weed and rotten eggs it was just not a great ride home. When the bus pulled in front of my house I ran inside and put my bags down. "Hey Kyle are you home?" I yelled. But there was no answer I figured he was at soccer practice or something. So I just decided to walk to Johns house. I knocked on his door and rang the doorbell but he didnt answer. I tried again and looked up at his window and saw him peer from the blinds. "Dude come downstairs and open this damn door you tard" I yelled. I texted him to open the freakin door but he never answered just then I got a call from a strange number. "Hello is this Emerald Hayes?" "Yes this is she" I replied. "Yes this is the police and your brother and another boy were in a fatal car accident." That moment I could feel my heart drop to the ground what the hell couldve happened. "Whwhwh when did this happen?" I began to cry and shiver. "M'am this happened around 12:30 today" "Hes in the hospital and in critical condition, the ambulence took him to Ridgeway Regional Hospital" "Okay thats alot sir I will be there as quick as possible." 
I started bawling my eyes out and I banged on the door and started cursing at John to open the door. He finally did and was about to yell at me. "Oh are you okay whats the matter Em?" "You freakin idiot did you know your brother and Kyle got into a car accident?"I cried. "No what the hell? I never heard that Im calling my mom right now and you should do the same" When my mom finally pulled in the driveway we scrambled into the car and sped down the highway to the hospital. When we got there the receptionist with short black hair and brown eyes looked up as if we were interrupting her. "Hi were here to see my son Kyle and Jeremy Epstein."Said my mom. "Yes theyre in room 510 on the fifth floor take the elevator around the corner." "Thanks M'am" replied my mom. 
When we got to the room both Kyle and Jeremey were in the beds with worried looks on their faces. Jeremey looked worse than Kyle just had a scratch or too and was told he could leave later. When Kyle was ready to go he changed out of his hospital gown and into his street clothes. "Hey Em are you comin?"he asked. "Actually can Emerald stay here with me I dont wanna be here alone" said Jeremey. "Alright she can stay, see ya later buddy."he replied. Kyle gave Jeremey a pat on the shoulder and kissed me on the forehead and left. Jeremey started to fall asleep and asked if I could stay in bed with him. I agreed to and just lied there with him. Then all of a sudden i felt his warm sweaty hand turn my cheek towards his and he leaned in closer and began to kiss me. "Thanks for staying with me Emerald youre so sweet and beautiful."He said blushing. "Oh its no problem really" i replied. And just then he started to fall asleep again but this time wrapped his arm around me and we both fell fast asleep.
Emerald Haynes
It was the last day of summer tomorrow was the first day of high school. The first day of being a freshman at my new school Ridgeway High School my first time ever at a public school i always went to a private school my whole life. My neighbor John was sitting next to me on my hammock as the suns rays were beating on us, even though we went to different schools our whole life he was like a brother to me. "Em are you gonna wear those freakin church dresses like the one your wearin to school tomorrow?" said John. "Dude they arent church dresses they are maxi dresses with long sleeves and theyre freakin comfortable."-i replied. 
Our moms called us both inside to eat dinner and get ready for tomorrow. My mom walks into my room and hands me 3 new bags of clothes and she pulls out a beautiful blue tank top and skinny holister jeans. "Here try these on quickly!"she shouted. I pull on the pants and the tank top and i thought hey i look pretty good in this. I also dug into my closet and found a cropped leather jacket and knee high boots. All of a sudden i hear my door swing open. "Oh my god nice chest sis you look sexy" i turn aroud and its my step sister Bridgette wearing uggs and a giants sweatshirt honestly she could look so pretty without dressing up. Too bad she was going off to college this weekend Temple university to be exact Im always so jealous of her shes so pretty and looks like a model. Just then my mom shouted "Girls go to bed this instant you have school tomorrow Em and work tomorrow Bri." 

ii like friend chicken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

some people are like clouds once they f u ck off its a beautiful day!

Hi i need help making my profile pretty ya know with a back round and stuff please help <33

Okay so i have a problem my friend is really into this guy and shes not seeing anything else and hes a total jack a ss and likes fifty other girls and shes been asking him too do stuff and i dont want her to get hurt by this guy and she would do ANYTHING for him and she only likes the same stuff he does...what should i do. Really worried,
you dont have to like me cuz newsflash bizotch i dont live to please you.
Don't smile to please others. Smile to please yourself, that way you'll make people happy by seeing your smile. :) 
Whether a bus or a plane or a car or a train no other girls on my brain

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