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Leila Hassak! <3
I am not new to witty because I had another account Lola Sparkle. Unfortunately silly me I forgot the password so i made a new account.
, I am your average teen trying to get through highschool i will be entering sophmore year. I go to paramus high and i live in new jersey. I moved from Coconut Creek florida when i was going in to first grade i miss it truley <3  My besties are Gina(Gruzh), Aisling (gingy), Elyse (ellie) Rachel (poodle) New Jersey , Leslie (lollipop), Marianna(Mari), Beatrix(Bea or Trixie) Jessie, Nicole (nikkibear), Katie (katolina), Caroline (squishy) my home town coconut creek florida . I have a puppy named Biscuit and a cat named chocolate. I have two brothers named Case who is 13 and Sam who is 11 and going to be tweleve. I am currently single for now but I am crushing just like any girl. My parents unfourtunately are separated. I play soccer, surf, do dance and i love music more than anything. I love traveling i do it frequently since my mom and dad both travel with their jobs. I Happen to be that girl that puts others before herself and will make everyone feel good about themselves but herself..:/) I love the beach and food. I am very easy to talk to and i love meeting new people, i like to ignore the drama but if you try hard enough yes i will get mad and yeah you know what happens there. I found this website thanks to a great person i use it to find quotes and they inspire me and help me with my life. I love shopping and tv. I am currently modeling and doing photoshoots. I tend to be self conscious about myself :/. I will make friends with anyone except bitches. I hate bitches more than anything. I flirt ALOT. I have a job as a councelor at a camp. I love florida and california because i love surfing country. My favorite things are spongebob, i like xbox 360 games, Lady gaga, glee, nikki minaj, monster that goes rawr, hot chelle rae, blink 182, never shout never, the ready set, the summer set, kid cudi, eminem, justin bieber, biggie smalls, tupac,  My dream is to open my own clothing line and become a popular fashion model. I am on facebook, twitter, tumblr and blogspot so yeah lol talk to me sometime.

I believe every girl is beautiful in their own special way <3 I dont put anyone down for any reason I hate no one except bitches.. I always feel the need to tell everyone they are pretty when they comment.
So yeah get to know me <3 comment/like my quotes :) 
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