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My name is Lama and im 15 years old :)
i blow out my candles on May 28.
my fav color is purple<3
I love helping people .. its my job.
So if any of you girls have a problem or wants to talk about something, just holla me :) 
I got all the symptoms of a girl with a broken heart. But i always try my best to smile.
Anyways, i'd be very happy if you girlies follow me :) and ill follow back. and if any of you has facebook, just tell me your name and ill add you.
thankyou xox


Quotes by lemmo

That akward moment when you mentally say
while writing wednesday.


Girls : know how to fake smiles
Boys : know how to fake feelings

I'm not an option.

you either choose me or you f*cking loose me ~


eyes that wont cry ;
lips that wont lie ;
love that wont die ; <3

Be the kind of man you'd want your sister to be with '

Have you ever noticed the saddest person always has the most beautiful smile ' ?
Grab somebody ugly tell em' bye :)
Crying doesent indicate that your weak.
Since birth, it has always been a sign that you're alive *

if im not beside you ; im inside you

No boy is worth your teenage years -