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my heart told my head
let love go.

but my head told my heart
this time no

not my formatt

witty messed up spacing sorry

im  awesome

I wish I would've known
I would've been there for you 
why couldn't you talk to me? 
we could've worked things out together 
it makes me sick the way it's literally impossible for me to talk to you now

but I blame myself 
for everything
everything that went wrong with you
everything that went wrong with me
everything that went wrong between us


everything around us 
I messed everything up 
and here I am saying


but your not here to listen anymore 
your just not here at all 




Me  “ I got 86% on  my test !’ ’  

Dumbest kid in class  “I got  98% !’

Me –puts head down in shame-



type here
Did you know....? #28
The queen bee uses her stinger only to sting another queen bee.

hmmm...reminds me of school a little :P

The other day, the guy I like came over to my house. 
We went up into my room, and we hung out there with my friends for a bit. Then, when he left the room, I went downstairs 5 minutes later to see him
talkling to my little brother. 
it was the cutest thing i have ever seen(:


i need help !!! ):
im sorry it's so long D:

i had a thing with this guy and i liked him but then this boy moved right near me and we started to date,
but I cheated on him with the guy I used to have a thing with.
And my boyfriend found out and dumped me, and i actually fell in love with him.
And I cheated on him before i fell so hard.
And he gave me a second chance, for a day and then broke up with me again D:
And he wont take me back and he says he loves me to much,and he doesn't wanna get too attched and then lose me.And he's saying that we can't ever talk or be friends because it's to hard  )':

But I can't just watch him go.
I need him back,
That was the first time i've ever cheated and i only pecked the guy,
but thats no excuss.
And im so sorry and i want him back so bad.
And before him, i always didn't believe in love. ):

What should I do?

1.Be his friend and barely ever talk to him ):
2.Beg to get a third chance.
3.Let him get outta my life forever
4.Be his friend and tell him that we are actually gunna hangout and not be those fake bullshit friends.. ):

Or whatever else you think will be better ?!

This quote does not exist.