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Hi there
My name is Morgan, but you can call me anything thats respectable... such as:
Theresa, Momo, Moglie, Morgs/Morg/Morgie, Ginny, Alaska, Morgeenie, Rusty, Cheese, Ginger Girl, Frosty, Morgandonor, TheGingerOne, Etc.
My hope is that we become friends.  I am a very loyal person and no matter what I'll never leave your side.  You are gorgeous and wonderful, don't ever forget that.

Quotes by letthesparrowfly

 That jerk made me fall so hard that upon landing my heart broke... and you know what that jerk did next?  He took the biggest piece and ran...

nmf but my quote, no jockin please

I'll be your first kiss if you'll be mine
we'll have each other, everything'll be fine

We'll sing to each other with hearts full of joy
I mean every word kid, this ain't just some ploy

mine, no jocking please :) <3
sorrry it's not the prettiest, I don't have
time this morning, maybe I'll make it better later

Yeah, I'm prolly gonna cry tonight and tomorrow night because my brother is leaving (again) and I'm going to be alone for the rest of the year...  This sucks, crying and feeling like crap...

In one sentence or less, describe what HOME means to you...
Everything's gonna be alright...
I'd like to extend a shout out to all of you witty sisters (and brothers).  I've been around for a while now and realized, I never introduced myself.  Although I don't think I really know any of you... I feel that I really know all of you.  I learn something new about myself and everyone here every time I visit.  EVERY ONE OF YOU IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS.  My name is Morgan, hi witty sibs.  Nice to meet you, ♥.
Last night I ended up dreaming about someone I thought I had forgotten...

someone I would've been better off forgetting...


I want that moment of...

getting caught

writing his name on my notebook...

Some of the UgLiEsT people
have the Prettiest faces...

**mine, better format later
Anyone else a Pokè-nerd? x)