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Hi there
My name is Morgan, but you can call me anything thats respectable... such as:
Theresa, Momo, Moglie, Morgs/Morg/Morgie, Ginny, Alaska, Morgeenie, Rusty, Cheese, Ginger Girl, Frosty, Morgandonor, TheGingerOne, Etc.
My hope is that we become friends.  I am a very loyal person and no matter what I'll never leave your side.  You are gorgeous and wonderful, don't ever forget that.

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Anyone can love a rose
But it takes a great deal to love a lea
It's ordinary to love the beautiful
But it's beautiful to love the ordinary 



but it takes a great deal  

Awkward Moment

when you're that one friend who always gives relationship advice, but is still single. 


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No Hate Speech Quotes
Anti-directioners, I'm on your side, but saying stuff like 'they suck' and 'they can't sing' and all that, it's just not okay.

No comments about the site:
Shut up about "the old witty" It's gone for a reason; if you don't like it, leave. We don't need 10 billion quotes telling us about it.
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Directioners and non-directioners, stop talking about each others stuff and how you don't like it. Ignore it, for goodness sake

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No Chain Letters

They're all a load of bs anyway. They're all completely obnoxious, so stop it. Adding threats to a quote? Seriously, just no. 
No fave-if quotes
This has been a rule for months now. Woohoo, it's your birthday. Yeah, it's millions of peoples birthdays, so what?
There's even a REMINDER about this when you post your quote.
Follow the rules, and half of our problems would be gone

I'll stick with being 'fat' for now. I'll be all bones when I'm dead.

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This quote does not exist.
The first time you fall in love, your life changes forever. & no matter how hard you try, the feeling never goes away. Listen to your heart but know when to trust your mind.

because   i n   5 0    y e a r s
it's not going to even matter

It takes so little      
                    not only to change something,

but to make you forget the
                   way it once was.


 Lock and Key- Sarah Dessen