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Elllllo. I'm Karissa, recking shit up since february 12, 1998.
I have 1 girl best friend
& her name is Rachel.
the rest are boys. Girls
suck. I've been through
quite alot, so believe me
I know what it's like.
I flirt way to much, &
think to little. But hey,
i'm a teenage girl,
what'd ya expect?!


Quotes by levenkar2126

When I was little, I didn't care about things like what to wear, my parents dressed me.

Looking back at some of my old pictures, it's obviousthat my parents didn't care either.
UGLY is just a word people use to put others down to feel better about themselves. A truly ugly person is not physically unattractive. It's someone who has an ugly personality, someone who is ugly on the inside. Someone who portrays themselves as selfish, arrogant, inconsiderate, uncaring, mean, spiteful, dishorable, and so on.
 Friday= my second

  favorite F word.  
When someone jokes about your insecurities and you have to act like it didn't bother you.
Don't look at my boyfriend.
Don't touch him.
Don't add him on facebook.
Don't like all of his pictures.
Don't message him.
Don't text him.
Don't chill with him.
Don't try to be his bestfriend.
Don't compliment him.
Don't hug him.
Don't "winky face" him.
Don't write on his wall.
Don't rate him.
Don't smile at him.
Rihanna; Oh nana, what's my name?
Oh nana, what's my name?
what's my name?

                                    Chris Brown; Oh gosh, DID I REALLY HIT HER THAT HARD?!
When I'm on the phone.
2%- offering advice
2%- listening intently
            96%- on the internet with no idea what the person is saying.
Unfortunately,without my cell phone, I wouldn't:
1. know what time it is
2. be able to solve a math question
3. know a single phone number
4. know the date
5. be able to text my friend when I'm at their house
6. take a snap shot at a picture perfect time
7. be able to wake up from an alarm in the morning
8. find my way in the dark
Fun Fact;
Most laughs that you hear on TV shows today, were recorded in the 1950's. Means, technically, you're hearing dead people laugh...
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