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Elllllo. I'm Karissa, recking shit up since february 12, 1998.
I have 1 girl best friend
& her name is Rachel.
the rest are boys. Girls
suck. I've been through
quite alot, so believe me
I know what it's like.
I flirt way to much, &
think to little. But hey,
i'm a teenage girl,
what'd ya expect?!


Quotes by levenkar2126

I wish

There was a pen
That can Copy and Paste.



♥ this and you will automatically yawn.



                      ♥ This gives me hope ♥
In class we could choose any partners we wanted,all his best friends were in our class. The boy I'm [
secretly] in love with suddenly walked up to me,grabbed my arm..and said"you're mine,nobody else can ever have you". He's the most popular guy in school!  

Just because
you have swag
d  o  e  s  n  t    m e a n   y o u    h a v e    t o   b e   a   jerk .
--------  ♥  --------

fave if you're breathing ;

if you don't fave you're dying/dead. ♡

LOL jaykay I'm not trying to get a top quote...

Don't cry because it's over,
smile because it happened.

       COMEBACK LAST YEAR:   your mom.
  c   o   m   e   b  a  c   k         t  h  i   s      y  e  a  r   :     cool story bro.

Please read:

 A boy who lived around my 
neighbor-hood recently died in a

 car crash. This Friday is his

birthday,everyone is letting off balloons

at the time he was born. Please support

 this wonderful boy. He had a

future,he was going to be successful.

PLEASE --             FOR BRIAN. 

 ------- -- --------
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