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Hi there! I'm Alexa(middle^), but you can call me Lexa or Lex for short. I'm 14 and blow out my candles on July 28:) When I'm older I hope to become a Neurosurgeon, just in case you were wondering. I love my friends: Sara, Shaely, Nicole W., Nicole B., Madi, Liv, Ellesse, Brittany && Jess.
They're the best people I've ever met.
I'm your typical teenage girl ;) I'm crushing on a guy who doesn't feel the same and there's always drama going on, the norm;p I like eating, One Direction, going to the beach and volleyball. 
And by the way, I'm totally in love with the volleyball player Matt Anderson ♥♥♥
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Hugs && Kisses~
Lexa ♥♥

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Quotes by lexaccxoxo

Inappropriate Wedding Songs #16

On to the Next One- Jay-Z

Forever Alone

Say "Hi" in FaceBook chat. Person goes offline.

Forever Alone

Third wheel? More like unicycle.

Forever Alon

My boyfriend does this thing where he doesn't know he's my boyfriend. 
It's so cute.

What If

I'm actually attractive, but hot guys just think I'm out of their league?

What If

Deja Vu is us losing a life, and starting at our last checkpoint?

Inappropriate Wedding Songs #15

One Night Stand- Keri Hilson

Inappropriate Wedding Songs #14

I'm n' Luv (Wit a Stripper)- T-Pain

Inappropriate Wedding Songs #13

I'm Single- Lil Wayne

Inappropriate Wedding Songs #12

This Isn't Love- Jasmine V

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