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Hello lovely.
I'm Aleksy, in case you were wondering
Feel free to call me Lexi if you prefer.
14 years young.
Famliy, Friends, & Music take up most of my life.

Techno for life❤

But I basically love most music.

Wanna know more? Just ask!

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pleeaseee follow me on tumblr. if you inbox me saying that you're from witty, i'll follow back!:D
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seeing kids from younger grades
and wondering if you were that annoying, too. ♥


I can sum up 2012 in one sentence:
Kony, call me maybe because it's Obama vs Romney in a dance off to Gangnam Style... yolo.


On a scale of 1 to 10,

how do I  look?
Well, to certian people, I'm probably a 1

But to others, i'm a strong 2.


That's the definition to me.
Hi guys.
Well, today's my 14th birthday.
& my first birthday on witty.
That's all.
Okay, bye.(:
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have midnight snacks, then why is there a light in the fridge


If you rearrange snooze alarms,
you get "alas, no more z's..."



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So  today  on  the  bus,

I got called a big bully.
I asked "How am I a big bully?"
The kid replied "Well, you're big, ... & a bully."

Now, I know I'm not the smallest girl in school (by far)
& I'm not always the nicest erson, but it hurt. A lot. 
This makes me want to change.

I don't like morning people.
Or mornings.

Or people.