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Hi! I'm Alex. 12. Funny. Really Attractive. Haha Jks😆😂 Horse rider. Hair styler. Runner. Aspiring artist (I wish). I love: music, hair styling, horses and Joe Walker❤️ I'm a Starkid for life but don't judge me! In fact, judge me all you like because I don't care! HAHAH I'm laughing at you! You little judger! Who looks stupid now? You do. HAHAHA. That will teach you to judge someone by their witty profile! Now we have that part out of the way, we can be best friends😘 I follow back ALWAYS. (Harry potter reference☺️)
I love Paramore, Panic! At the disco, Magic!, The Kooks, Kelly Clarkson (before 'stronger' and 'mr know it all'), Ed Sheeran, Mcfly, 5SOS, Maroon 5 etc. So yeah my music taste is pretty messed up.