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January 24th, 2016

Quotes by lexiigirlx3

Two whole months.
Two months since you passed away grandma
and i miss you more and more each day.
I still believe that one day I'm going to come
home from school, and run downstairs and you'll be there.
But instead I go down to an empty, cold apartment.
Your smell still takes up the apartment and each time I go down
there every single memory replays in my head. Honestly,
I'm learning now that no amount of tears will bring you back,
and no matter how many times I pray you won't just reappear.
I wish things were that easy, but unfortunately they aren't.
I wish i had one more chance to see you. Because if I knew I was
going to loose you I would have hugged you and never let go.
I miss sitting on your lap and reading you stories, and I miss
getting annoyed everytime you called the house. The annoying
things you did made me love you even more. And I feel like we had a
special connection grandma.  A connection you had with nobody else.
I could tell you anything and you would understand. I feel like a whole entire part of me is missing, and it just won't ever come back. Can you hear me? Are you watching over me? I miss you so much and this pain is destroying me. You'll be forever in my heart. I love you.
I finally let go of him.
And I let somebody else in.
you have to learn how to let go of somebody.
No matter if you love them or not, if they hurt you. don't keep taking them back.
Sometimes, you have to be strong and let go of them, because how are you going
to find the right person if you keep on lingering on the wrong person?

I kissed a girl 

and i likeddddddddddd it 

-dedicate to teenbaby1596

why can't I just be pretty?


you're the reason why it's so hard for me to trust people.

The Truth?
Am I
It is so unbelievable how insecure I am. I hate being in crowds, because I am always comparing myself to everybody else. And I just end up getting disappointed. I feel like when I'm with my friends, I'm the one that is to the side more because I'm shy and not as outgoing as them. I have really small boobs, and I constantly get reminded of it everyday. I have so many pimples on my face. Like, why can't I have at least one good thing about me? Why do I have to be so insecure? It f u c k i n g disgusts me how I can't even look in the mirror and feel pretty. Or even look it. 
I don't even like myself.


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 ready to catch me?


Me: I cant take these pimples on my face
Dad: I can take you to a dermaotologist 
Me: Really?
Dad: Maybe you just need extra care, but you're still beautiful

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