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Hey there i'm lexi, i am fourteen, & live in Minnesota.
I am a fun loving person, i like to have fun, love to laugh, and i absolutely love when i am happy. I try and make the most of my life, and im searching for what it has to bring me. I don't just want to be another human being i want to be that one person who stands out in a crowd; that is my one goal in life that i will always have. My bestfriend would be hannah [liveforever_] she is what keeps me going till this very day, she is always there for me and i will always be there for her, she makes me the person who i am today and i love her for that matter. Don't start out judging me first get to know me, then you can judge all you want, because i don't plan on changing for anybody. I am a person who knows exactly what they want. I do not lie, im a very honest person. Oh and if any of you witty girls need advice on life, boys, or anything know i'm here for all of you. ♥

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Quotes by lexilove22

wondering why we
bother with love

if it never lasts...

Last Night..
At 4 in the morning i was laying awake and my really
close    guy     friend   texted    me    saying
"Well  its 4 in the morning & i cant get to
sleep so i just thought that i'd let you know... If your alone, i'll
be  your shadow, if you want to
cry  i'll be your  shoulder,  if you want a hug i'll be
your  pillow ,  if  you need to  be happy i'll be your smile
But  anytime   you   just  need  a
f r i e n d  ,   I ' l l    j u s t    b e   m e .

This is a true story, it was out of complete
no where and i thought it was weird how
we both couldn't sleep and i also thought
it was the cutest thing ever said to me
at four o clock in the morning.

D o e s  a n y o n e  e l s e  e v e r  f e e l  l i k e  t h e r e
Just not good enough.

i miss who i thought he was .


                  are my friend .
When you open up a present and you absolutely hate it.


Instead of getting drunk;


 Who else hates having to wake up every morning