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hello beautiful!
hows life? :)
my name is lexi and im 13 years old, single and way ready for a bf:)
i am in the eigth grade and my fave subject is math.
i love each and everyone of my friends, they have witties too!
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Quotes by lexlex1113

i dont think i like the guy i"ve liked for 3 years that much anymore

a conversation with on of my best guy friends:

him: you know.. you still havent given me the hug you promised me.

me: you're always with ur friendss! i dont wanna pull you away from them.

him: why not?

me: cuz i know what they're gunna do if i do.

him: *chuckles* what?

me: they're gunna make fun of you and come up to me and make fun of me! and they're gunna get really perverted about it.

him: *laughs again* how do you know?

me:trust me. i have many guy cousins.... you do not wanna know what goes through a 16 year old guy's head.

him': ya know... i am going to be one of those in a few years...

me: remind me to give a big "good luck" to your girlfriend at the time....
      shake it, shake it baby!
      shake it, shake it baby!
do do do do do!!!


you now have my full permission to go die in a hole now.



unfortunately, my grandfather passed a few months ago.

here's how i found out:
i was walking home one day from school and saw my aunts car. "why is she here? she lives 30 minutes away.." i walked up my walkway to see my aunt, father, and grandma walking in the opposite direction. they said hello and continued on their way. i walked into my house and asked my mom: "why were they here?" "you dont have and idea?" "nooo...." "poppy passed away this morning.i didnt want to tell you before because i didnt want to ruin your day." i was to in shock to say anything besides:"oh. okay." i texted my cousin. "do you know what happened?" "yeah. i feel terrible." "yeah me too." after i finished my homework. i replayed the moment in my head and instantly broke down. my mom came in and tried to comfort me. i still cried my eyes out. they started to sting and i felt like i was going to throw up. it was the worst feeling i had ever felt in my life.

the funeral:
i held my cousin brittany's hand and my cousin matt had his arm around me and britt. and my little sister held brittany's other hand and my cousin stephen was right behind me. my dad and my aunt held my grandma's hands and my mom and uncle were behind them. i saw my aunts and uncles and other grandparents on my mom's side and they waved and i simply nodded and went back to my cousin's arm. i felt warm tears fall from my eyes. we slid into the pue as the priest started to tell us about my grandfather, a navy veteran, former police sergeant, and beyond amazing person.i stared at the tan casket before me and cried.

the funeral dinner:
as family friends and family members came up to me and my cousins and said their "im sorry for your loss"'s and such things, i just stared at the wall with an occasional sniffle here and there. it sucked.

now lets fast forward a few days of crying my eyes out.....

my mom: "lexi, its okay. everythings going to be alright."
  she has said that everyday about a million times.

she still never will.
but whatever.

srry guys i just needed to vennt...
its my birthday!!!!

im officially a teenager!
i was paired up with him in class today......

well wasn't that awkward.....
A - Available? yess

B - Birthday? november 13th

C - Crushing on? ryan

D - Drink you last had? water
E - Easiest person to talk to? lauren

F - Favorite song? uhhhh... i dont really know

G - Gummy bears or gummy worms? neither

H - Hometown? westchester, NY

I - In love with? well i like ryan bowman<3

J - Jealous of? my friend who just got an amazing new phone! haa

K - Killed someone? mwahaha! but no.

L - Longest car ride? washinton DC (about 7 hours)

M - Milkshake flavor? Vanilla.

N - Number of siblings? 1 sister

O- One wish? i guess to have one truly amazing day for once.

P - Person you texted last? steven.

Q - Question you are always asked? "what's up?"

R - Reason to smile? when i'm with my amazing friends:)

S - Song you last listened to? girls talkin bout- mindless behavior

T - Time you woke up? 6:45

U - Underwear color? tan!

V - Violent moment you had? almost getting into a fight in lax

W - Worst habit? playing with my hair all the time..

X - X-rays you had? ankle and teeth

Y - Yoyos are...? koolio!

Z - Zodiac sign? scorpio.
idk why i ant to do this but whatever... i wanted to write something to the ppl that matter in my life...

lauren: you are my bestest friend in the world and i love you<3:)
mom: sorry about everything i have put you through
poppy: i really wish you were still here with me but i know you're in a better place now.
ryan: i really like you
steven: you're there for me when i need you and i couldnt ask for anything more.<3
gillian: god only knows what goes through your head but you bring laughter into my life:)
brittany: your such an amazing cousin and even though you act like you have ADD and teretz your still amazing<3
sarah: holy sh*t. you are amazing and i love you! you always make me laugh even when im the saddest ive ever been. love you, from your ginger<3
vanessa: you are one of the most amazing people i have ever met and i hope to stay besties for the rest of our lives just like our mommas:)<3
Chris: holy cow. you are the most amazing friend and you always make me laugh. and you are the best snl buddy evaahhh!
E.E: best babysittah evahhh! omg i love you so much! you are so amazing! mwahh!:D
G.G: i love you so much! you are so funny and amazing and i dont know what i would do without you.
JORDANN: gurl, you are the best! your style, your attitude, LOVE YA!
Mrs. Roberts: you were the best teacher ever and i cant wait until next year when i get to see you in the high school. you helped mold me into who i am today and i can't thank you enough for that.
presley: well, i dont like you but you prepared me in the way that there are people in life that will treat you badly and will backstab you even though i treat them to the best of my abilities, so thanks b*tch.
bre: i love you sooooo much and i dont know what i would do without you. our convos are the best, funny or serious. i love how we can go to each other for anything and how we can pour our hearts out to each other and never get bored. i love you no matter what, forever and always.<3
ronnie: no matter where i get it from. nuff said.:)<3
vinny: my sis is turning into a little vinny. thanks:) haha<3
aunt nina: you are the best godmother in the world and i couldnt ask for a better one. i always love coming over and being able to talk to you. thanks:)<3
nana: i dont even know where to begin. you are so amazing. thank you for all that you do for us. i love youu!!!
papa: you are so amazing. and even though you are now my only grandfather, you have to kinda take on both and your doing an amazing job. thanks for all that you do. i dont think i can ever repay you enough.
uncle ronnie: even though we tease each other all the time, i still love you and you are a great uncle.
aunt dawn: you are so amazing and your an amazing aunt
daddy: i love you so much and i could never say enough thank you's to actually say thank you for all you have done for me, if that made any sense.<3

well i could go on forever sooo.... yeah. bye.