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You made me smile,
You came
took this broken girl,

and made me fall in love,
I wasnt expecting to be this happy,
But I guess thats 
okay too

Quotes by lexxii319

&+your still
my whole world
I was unbreakable 
Until I met you

&+ There was a time
When all I did was think
How forever
Will be
Now is a time
When all I do is think
When forever
Will be
&+ i used to be
hyper and fun
But now
I'm quiet and boring
I used to be
smiling and laughing
I'm crying with a frown
I used to be
I'm misserble
Wipe those tears
And put a smile
On that face
Cause he's not
Worht one more
Minute of your
Its time to
Show him
Just what he's missing
So he can see
Just what he lost
Now get out there
And Find a new guy
To show him
The hes not worth
Your time
 What does she have
that i dont?

Oh yeah you..
&+ Today
She promised
herself that
she was going to
walk away
and never look back,

&+That Promise
was broken
What about the times
you get broken up with
and you
did nothing wrong
but your
accused of somthing?

Did you even love me?

I try hard not to care but its hard when you've got
eyes that shine
a smile that kills.

There isn't a day
that goes by
when at some point
I dont
think about you
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