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Hello Fellow Wittians :)
I'm Alexis. But call me Lexy :p or Izzy.
My dad died on 12/26/2011.
I'm depressed, and a lot of other things.
I need a witty friend :3
Snapchat: al3788
Facebook is Lex Witty
Twitter is @lexy3788
HMU :)
I tried to kill myself quite a few times..
I do still cut(regrettfully) its an addiction that I can't stop.
I love all of you.

Stay Beautiful and I'm always here to talk. Love you guys <3


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Okay, So wittians :) I need your advice ASAP. Add me on Facebook (Lexy Neefus) and chat me if you're willing to help. you're beautiful :)
I don't know what to do...

I don't think I have an eating disorder..

But whenever I put food near my mouth, I feel like I'm gonna be sick.

I haven't eaten in three days..

I don't know what to do... Help?

So today in English, we got into groups.. We had to write a poem about forgiveness in the group.
We then had to read it to the class.
I was the only girl in my group

The guys made me read the poem..

I know you guys are probably like "big deal, you always have to read"

Well.. It is a big deal.. I suffer from all types of anxiety..

So when I had to read today, I turned beat red, started stuttering, and then i was being laughed at.
I ran out of the classroom as fast as i could crying my eyes out..

My best guy friend, Alec is in that class.

He chased after me and found me.
He said "Lexy, you're the most amazing girl in the world, why the heck are you letting them get to you"
I said "I am just an embarassment."
He said "Well do me a favor"
I said "sure what is it"
He got down on one knee
He then said "Do me a favor and be my embarassment at the Prom?"
I cried..
He said "Oh and be my girlfriend too..

I think I am the happiest girl in the world right now...



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When even your best friend gives up on you and your problems, you know it's time to give up..

I'm giving up.
This is a conversation between me and the guy I like(my best friend)

Him- What Do you think about me?

Me- Nothing Bad..

Him- Its okay, you can tell me what you think about me, I wont be offended or anything.

Me- Honestly, you mean more to me than you could ever imagine.

Him- Really? I didn't know :( you mean so much to me too.

Me- Do you know how it feels to let go of someone you really love for a long time just for them to be happy? Even if it's with someone else?

Him- No :( I'm super sorry though, like I don't wanna hurt you.

Me- Well you did, but everyone else does too.. so...

Him- is there any possible way i can make it up to you? you deserve it.

Me- I just feel pathetic for thinking that someone as amazing as you would fall for someone like me.

Him- I'm not amazing and I actually REALLY like you, but I have a girlfriend! If I knew you felt the same way I might not of even talked to her.

Him- And I love my girlfriend so yeah...

And that, ladies and gentlemen was the text that broke my heart to pieces </3
So, Today is February 1st, and I'm considering today the day that I completely start over.

I'm gonna have higher standards, closer friendships, and spend less time on the internet, and hang out with my friends much more often.

I'm gonna get my head out of the past and start a brand new future. 

No more cutting, no more dwelling about my dad.

It's gonna be a new me. I'm gonna lose weight and always try and have a real smile on my face.

Yes, I'll have my bad days, but everyone has those. I'm gonna get through them though.

No more thinking about my suicide attempts.

So, here we go witty, this is gonna be a brand new me!

Anyone can join me if they want, I want someone to get through this with :)

Love you all, Beautifuls <3
People Like Me Aren't Normally Loved

Prologue(two main characters.)

Hey. I'm Cassadee. People call me Dee, though. I'm seventeen years old. I'm a junior in high school. I've been singing since I was three years old. I have three best friends. They also have been singing for who in the heck knows how long. I'm 5 ft 4, I've got auburn hair with blonde highlights, and I'm the very sporty one in our group of friends. I'm one of those girls that no guy has ever liked, wanted, talked to or anything. Or anyways thats what I thought.

. Aloha! I'm MacKenzie. My nickname is Mac though. I'm eighteen years old. I'm a senior in high school. I'm a big football player, but I mainly love to sing and I'm kind of the nerdy one in the group. I'm 6 ft tall, I have long-ish hair for a guy and I have nerdy glasses. I've known Cassadee since she was three days old. I've been in love with Cassadee since the beginning of fourth grade, too bad she'd never go for a guy like me.. Or will she?

I hope you like it, it's my first story ever. :P
Just found out information that made me really wanna die..

I just found out that I'm the reason my mom and grandma hate each other..

I ruined my family.

I just heard my mom and my cousin on the phone, my mom's crying because my grandma hates her.

Ever since my mom got pregnant, my grandma hasn't said she loved her.

I'm done.

My family would be better if I didn't exist.

Well I'm gonna find that out.

I'll live to my 16th birthday, then I'm out.

22 more days to think about it.

I'm sorry witty but I don't think I can take this anymore.
Can I maybe possibly be dead yet?

No? Okay.. I'll just suffer until I can't take it anymore.

I'll be dead in my brain,  but alive on the outside.

Dear World of Wittians,

I just wanna die.