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Hello Fellow Wittians :)
I'm Alexis. But call me Lexy :p or Izzy.
My dad died on 12/26/2011.
I'm depressed, and a lot of other things.
I need a witty friend :3
Snapchat: al3788
Facebook is Lex Witty
Twitter is @lexy3788
HMU :)
I tried to kill myself quite a few times..
I do still cut(regrettfully) its an addiction that I can't stop.
I love all of you.

Stay Beautiful and I'm always here to talk. Love you guys <3


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Happy Birthday to Me :)

 Like if today is your birthday, but either way can i get 15 faves for my 15th birthday? (:



Hey just wanted to let you know you're really gross. No one likes you. You're ugly and fat, stop wondering why no one likes you. You're an attention seeker, well newsflash sweetie, YOU'RE UGLY, no one likes you. can you just leave now? like really, you're an obsessive gross person. You have no friends. *my ex*

Well, I apologize that I can't live up to your potential. I'm sorry that you don't like me. I'm sorry ever talking to you. *me*
You should be sorry, everyone in this world would be happier would be happy without you moping around like your attention seeking self. So, just die.. okay? 

Well, ya know, my dad's dead. I've tried killing myself more than you'd believe. I already have depression. Okay? I gave you everything. My family is beyond struggling right now. I don't need you to tell me to die. The only reason I'm still here is because I couldn't leave my mom hanging like that. But, now it'll be easier to leave knowing you don't want me here. Sorry for ever speaking to you..
Haha, good. No one does like you. So just get the heck out. Like, you and your family are dirt. Please just leave, and I can't wait to not have a life with you. Bye, you are gross and no one likes you. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE woould be happier without your mopeybutt around. Bye!

real convo between me and my ex, have been crying for 20 minutes....

Daddy, you were gone too soon <3 I miss you, I haven't stopped crying. I couldn't even say goodbye.. Last time I said goodbye was on the phone, but daddy, I miss you. Come back. <3 I'm devestaded without you here. I'll never be the same. </3 You were too young too leave.. </3 02-03-72 to 12-16-11, it's just to young, hopefully you're having fun up there, daddy <3

So  as  of  1/27/12 at 2am..

  My mom is no longer in denial about my dad.. She came in my room last night while I was crying and her exact words were "Lex,it's real isn't it, he's gone and has been for a month. I know we were seperated, but I miss him Lex".. She told my little brother who thought my dad was ignoring him. My brother is 9, and now depressed. My family is a complete wreck now that every one knows. I just need support.  Daddy, if you're reading this, I miss you, and can't wait til the day I see you again. 

Please   read,    and   fave   or comment and   read   my   profile,   I need   support.

Just because you're gone, doesn't mean my step dad will ever be my real daddy. YOU are my real dad, I don't care for this daddy at all. Please, if only you could come back, my life would have reason again. Daddy, I didnt give up hockey or singing, so don't worry. I love and miss you. RIP. 12/26/11 <3
sorry i've been posting this so much, im just devistated..


today, is the saddest day ever.
daddy, i miss you. Ive been crying all day. I can't wait foryou to come home, or me to go see you. I know you are in a better place now, i just miss you so much. mommy misses you, chrissy, tyler and I do too. RIP DADDY. We love you. 
12/26/11 and forever in our hearts :)

12/26/11 RIP daddy <3

its been one month since you left. i can't bare this.daddy, i miss you so much, can you please come home <3 mommy still thinks you're here. she won't admit it. Tyler has no ideayou'regone,hethinks youronbusiness. Chrissyis clueless and misses you like crazy! Daddy, I hope you're having fun in heaven, but I wish you were here <3


I need your help! Please READ 
k, so I have to get my 6 best friends Christmas presents and I have NO idea what I should get them! My first best friend is a girl in love with Marianas Trench and stuff like that. She likes Delias, and stuff. My second best friend is a girlygirl(kinda) so shes into that stuff. My third best friend is just like me! (read my info to find out) My fourth best friend(the guy i've been crushing on for 2 years) is a guy version of mee. My fifth is the legit opposite of me. My sixth best friend is just like my first best friend. :) help needed to find there presents. everyone who likes will get a follow <3


haaaaai guise (: who wants a witty best friend? :D not just someone who will hardly talk to me..
But one who: 
texts me almost all day everyday
can keep a convo
will listen to my problems
oovoo with 
meet someday!
actually be my best friend
post on my facebook 
And all that good stuff (:: comment if interested :D

my quote , format credit goes to: anonymouss.

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