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Hi im Libbi..
.Im 13 years old
.I have a little  problem with lipgloss
.Temple run is AMAZING
.I love my dog, Parker
.Im very good at soccer and basketball
.My parents are divorced and im cool with it

Hi. Im Libbi. This is my witty. I don't make my quotes super cool and stuff but i dont think they need to look AMAZING, the words is what matters.
I live in the United States and it sucks! pretty boreing. I love love love shopping. I have a small obsession with temple run. If you need anyone to talk to im hear <3

I Love ...
.the U.k
.my family
.Parker(my dog)
.saying "merp"
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Quotes by libbiann

Josh Hutcherson.

No one understands.

I cried myself to sleep
Just like every other night.


When you love someone
It's hard to let them go


No one understands how it feels to be me.



how to not be awkward?ow


I was never really
 Important to you.
Dosen't surprise me that you left.

I don't blame people for not liking me, I woudln't like myself either.


Have you ever loved somebody
so much that it literally hurts?

All the guys like my bestfriend...
Then there's me.