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Quotes by lilMissSwagga_

I love you so much babe :*
LMAO. DFKM. OMG. ROFL. I nearly believed you there! omg, :")


The awkward moment when a sentence doesn't end the way you thought it cow

What's on your mind? Food. 



oh, yOU don't know the difference between 'Your& 'you're?

Please learn them before you continue to make quotes. 
Thank you. 


Just something I needed to say. 


Am I the only one
Who thinks 10 ♥'s is an accomplishment?

Its Mine,
I licked it. 

Ladies Love Me. 

 Who's first thought was Shawty Mane ? 


Today I got bored so I decided to type in:
I expected to see one of those telemarketing websites or a "Page Not Found" sign, but instead, it was a plain black screen.


Well played Ninjas, well played.