Status: Nom Nom Nom
Joined: September 28, 2011
Last Seen: 9 years
Birthday: August 14
user id: 221882
Location: In Bed ;)
Gender: F

Guys or Girls.? = Guys. ;)
Escape: Idk, anything that grabs my attention.
talents: guitar/Singing.
Still in school. (High school that is.. ^_^ .. )

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Follow me if you want..

I try to follow back...

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Wanna talk we can talk??


Facebook: Yupp
Phone: Mmmmhhhmmm
Witty: OF COURSE!!!!
Email: Mayyybbbeeee :3

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Need Advice??
Im here.... 

Or if your having trust issues....
I can be just a person to talk to....
I'll listen...
No matter how big of the problem....

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I try to make people smile...
Which is easy with my...
Weird, Wacky,Crazy,Retarded, Witty
sense of humour :')

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I love talking to people new....
And learning about them and there country....
So witty chat??

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Country: Australia
Born there: Nupp...
Then Where: New Zealand all the wayyy!!
Hows life at the moment: ehh ..... lifeyy?? :/

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credit to _Randomrequests or _Sandrasaurus
Google &

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Thanks My beautiful Stalkers...  =3
And remember your ALL beautifull!!!!! =}

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sensati0ns 9 years ago
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Well i guess you dont remeber me, but you were my first bestie on witty, i was enrikute first:)
E* 9 years ago
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Hi girl ,it's me
LoveIsEverlasting 9 years ago
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Mason finally came on :o
Aha how are ya whaiora?
LoveIsEverlasting 9 years ago
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It's ok :D ya iwas like.. She's on... And she's not replying... Haha I'm.. Sad. My uncle Tom passed away recently. I lost 2 of my best friends. Mason hasn't been n for the last 2 months. Hurt like hell -.-" I want to tak to him but he's so busy with school and basketball and everything :\ hurts not being able to talk to the ones you love <\3 anyways hbu? How's life going for you?
smileyouramazing 1 decade ago
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wered my stuff go I wrote?? ): tedxt me / 9168387227