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I don't know, what there is to say about me. I guess I'm just your average 15 year old girl that role plays on myspace and makes quotes and icons. I love Manga and Anime and Harry Potter, and I'm just a very basic person. I'm not that interesting. I took a break from this because I was out living my life instead of writing about it, but it's time to sit back and reflect. And our mottos are what define us, and our mottos are the quotes of others and ourselves, molded into our own interpretations. Yeah, I've thought about that a lot + I don't edit quotes for people. If you IM me, it better be to chat..NOT to ask me to make you look creative. + I'm impatient, bitchy, and short tempered, but deep down...I care. + I have alot of phobias and dislikes. Forgive me for my faults, there are several of them. I promise there's something of me worth keeping.

Quotes by lil_bunni_foo_foo

You take such a pretty picture; wanna see if we'd make it better as a couple?
I hate you because I want to stop loving you and can't. I hate the way that the thought of you puts a smile on my face, that you can make me laugh when I want to cry, that you can make me cry just be turning away from me.
She dreams of butterfly kisses and rainbow skies.
She always thought he was the only one that mattered until she realized he didn't care. On that day, she learned life's greatest lesson: the only one that mattered was her all along.
They say nothing lasts forever, but I didn't believe it true. But you've always been determined to prove me wrong, so my hat goes off to you.
Always walk in the shadows...If the light never hits you, you can never be blinded. You'll never get hurt, like I did...
Fly as high as your wings will carry you. How else will you see the opportunities below?
I've been trying so hard, so hard to break free
But at the end of the day, your face is still haunting me
They dot the 't's and cross the 'i's in this crazy life of mine. <I love my best friends>
Maybe one day you'll realize that I was right all along- that love will save us in the end.