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Hey guys! I'm Lilaaa ive been told im an incredibly happy favorite colors lime green i love summeeer and im an out an proud chocoholic! I'm just another girl living life to the fullest. I play volleyball and i was a gymnast for my entire life, but i recently took a permanent leave of absence lol. music and food are my LIFE oh yeah and im marrying jake dalton but you know, nbd... so ya! follow me :)

Quotes by lilagraace

Horse walks into a bar...

What does the bartender say...?


Let's call a spade a spade...sports are just politics with headgear.
I can't even fathom...
You don't always get a second chance to say what you need to, so say it in the moment
Soooo I kinda just wanna take a bath in his cologne....
Just found out he misses karmaaaaaaaaaaa
Thank you, God ♥
Every little thing
that you do

Baby I'm amazed
by you ♥
What is it about volleyball clothes that make you feel so invincible? Can anybody tell me?
And at the end of the day...

                                   It's all just a mirage          ♥