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my name - Alexandria
don't like me - fight me
gotta problem - bite me

Class of 13'
get at me ;)

Quotes by lilalexx21

i always ask my dates to homecoming and prom
this year ...
i hope i get asked
always the friend

never the girlfriend
i'm in love and i want the world to know

&i'm just a sucker for this blue eyed boy 

something about those eyes,
i just can't resist


it was fun,
but now you're just another
chapter in my life. i'm turning
the page 
that moment ...
when you haven't talked to the guy you like in over a month and are debating on texting him,
and his name pops up on your phone 

i met him when i was 14 and he was just another annoying boy

now ...

i'm 17 - we became friends - and he took my heart

who woulda guessed?

hey, i already know you
and i'm not crazy
you have my number
just text me maybe now

when daylights fading
e gonna play in the dark
until it's golden again *