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Hello. You have reached the Sixth Sense Detective Agency. We know who you are, where you are from, and what you want so there is no need to leave a message.
*~((~*ReAlItY Is OnLy An IlLuSiOn ThAt OcCuRs DuE To ThE LaCk Of AlCoHoL*~))~*
whats ur problem? You always gotta hate on me just cause i am younger then u. You gots problems. I dont understand why you are haten on me. Yea we had our fun days together but now that we broke up you have been all mean to me. whats up?
~ Dedicated ~
( * (.
`. C `.. 
`. U `.. 
) T ). 
.E ..

(`.) *HuGz* 
    `.(`.) *N* 
            ` .. *KiSSeZ*

o O (`'.(`'. .').') O o 
      `*  Cutie Babi * *` 
  o O (.'(.' `'.)`'.) O o 
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WatChInG T.V.!!!   BbL!!!    LeAvE mE oNe!!! 

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!  !           !    ! 
!  !           !    ! 
!  !           !    ! 
!  !______!     ! 
FaCe iT, I dOnT LiKe U EiThEr
BuT dOnT ThInK u cAN fLaP Ur MoUtH HuN
It WoN't Be aLLoWeD & iT wOnT be DoNe
FaCe iT ChIck *iM nUmBeR 1*
*We MiTe FiTe nD We MiTe CrY*
*BuT My LuV 4 u WiLl NeVa DiE*
*iLl CaRe FeR u UnTiL ThE EnD*
*CuZ uR My BeStEsT'S FriEnD*
PiCk YoUr CrUsTy NoSe AnD pIeRcE yOuR eNoRmOuS eArS,
lAuGh LiKe My CoUsInS dOnKeY aNd CrY yOuR jEaLoUs TeArS!
gRiT yOuR yElLoW tEeTh WhEn I bEaT yOu In EvErY wAy! BuT lIkE i SaId IF yOu TaLk AbOuT mE, gIrL yOu WILL PaY~!
i dOnT WaLk aRoUnD
tRyiN to bE wUt iM nOt
i dOnT wAsTe mY tiMe
tRyiN tO gEt wUt yOu GoT
i WoRk aT pLeAsiN mE
aNd nOt SaTiSfYiN yOu
dAtS wHo i am -Nd- eXaCtLy wUt i dO
-*-wEn It HuRtS tO LoOk BeHiNd
AnD Ur aFrAiD tO lOoK aHeAd
LoOk BeSiDe U aNd u'L c Ur
-->bEsTfRiENdS< --
*:.i'M nOt AlWaYs ThErE wHen U cAll .. + .
..x..bUt i'M aLWaYs On TImE..x..
. +.nOw I gAvE U mY all.+.
+. .+..NoW bAbY bE mInE.+. .+. .