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Quotes by lilkitty9000

You know what I think hurts the most?
The feeling of being replaced. It's like
no matter what you did, it wasn't enough.
And no matter what you do to try &
capture their heart again, it doesn't seem
to work. & you're suddenly left thinking that
you'll never be enough & a sadness takes over
your heart never really leaves.
She really does like him,
she likes lying next to him,
&& she wants to be around him.
When you get down to it, can
you say that about many people?
You know I would have done anything for you..</3
at best, I'm still a wreck in your eyes
come on baby, tell me more lovely lies
care for me like you used to
and we'll make the best of what we have
..because it's all we've got left
I can yell at you, be mad at you
say stupid things and take them back,
even pretend I hate you. But
nobody in the whole world cares
about you more than me.
I touch your arm..
smile and look straight in your eyes
I promise you, you're all I think about
Don't let me let you go
If he says he loves you
&& your heart doesnt skip a beat
then don't say it back,
because it isn't true
in every language how to say
hello and goodbye are taught
at the same time for a reason.
because the hardest times in
your life will revolve around
these two phrases </3
some people are easy to get over.
they only take a day or two, but
eventually you meet someone who
changes everything about you and
no matter how hard you try..
you just can't seem to say goodbye