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Hey it's Sarahboo [;
I'll love you if you let me <3
I'm currently taken by the best
man in the entire world. People search
their whole lives, to find what i found in his eyes [:
-Get to know me,i might surprise you <3

Quotes by lilmissdramaqueen

So I kissed her
And she kissed me back
And it was soft
We made quiet noises
And kept silent
And still
And it was beautiful
She was beautiful
And I touched her
Everything made sense
And she touched me
Everything made sense
And at that moment,
I swear we were infinite.
There are people who
don’t take the time
to look around,
and smell the smell
of rain as it pounds
upon the ground.
Or they don’t stop
to notice the first
flower in the spring,
and keep moving
along as if it doesn’t
mean a thing.
They don’t take the
 time to realize there
are people in need,
 of a random stranger
willing to do
a good deed.
But when it comes to
those people just trying
to beat the clock,
when their time on
earth is up, they’re
in for a big shock.
And that’s the big difference
between them and me,
while they race through life,
I’ll be the one lending
a hand and aiding
another’s strife.
i have no idea whats wrong with me
im a hollow shell of the girl i used to be.
If you love me,
let me know.
if you dont,
let me go.
Have you ever reallyy,
danced on the edge?
We all break down sometimes
these bedroom walls became
my only friend, but they were
there from begining to end <3
i wish i could discover something that doesnt expire. <3
i dont understand
why people think they have to
liveup to the worlds standards.      <3
Have you ever pressed a blade to your wrist,
and prayed for the courage to press down?