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Hi the name's Jade, I'm 15 and I'm already married to: Damon Fizzy, Monroe Chambers, Ryan Gosling, Zayn Malik, Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Bieber, Keanu Reeves, Channing Tatum, Patrick Matrick, Colton Dixon and Jude Law. So everyone hands off. Heres more about me:)
Music: Taylor Swift, Snow Patrol, Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Train, Metro Station, All Time Low, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, One Direction, Cher Lloyd, Bruno Mars, We The Kings, Parachute, Josh Kay, Chris Brown, Plain White T's, Never Shout Never, The Ready Set, Scotty McCreery, Colton Dixon, Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Adam Lambert, Avril Lavigne, and Green Day. 
Movies: A Beautiful Mind, The Devils Advocate, Pretty In Pink, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candels, Dirty Dancing, Grease, About Last Night, The Notebook, The Last Song, Titanic, I Am Sam, The Next Three Days, The Doctor, My Life, Drop Dead Gorgeous, The Duplex, The Hunger Games, Spiderman, Batman, Notes Of A Scandal, Catch And Release, Martian Child, Dear John, Awakenings, My Sisters Keeper, The Ultimate Gift, Bourne Identity, and Harry Potter.
Hobbies: Drawing, Writing Music, Music, Movies, Internet, Swimming, Beach, Singing, Friends, Family, Shopping, Doing Nails, Getting Nails Done, Writing, Reading, Games, and TV.
Books: My Sisters Keeper, The Last Song, The Notebook, Dear John, Number Of The Stars, Courage, Twilight Series, Martian Child and Maximum Ride Series.
If you read all of that god bless you<3 haha.
Anyways I'm very outgoing and open so if you want to know anything else just ask! And follow I follow back!

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People 2134567890 miles away: omfg you're so cute, how are you single?
People around me: omfg I didn't know potatoes walked?

Worrying is like a rocking chair.
It gives you something to do, But it doesn't get you anytwhere.

Why can't I look like the Victoria Secret models?

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I'm not some robot who's
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