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well hi im alec im outgoing funny i guess and love meeting new people. very corny. sweet i guess. love sports. love the beach.poetic.romantic. i wrestle. and ya thats pretty much it. message me or whatever if you want to kno more

very loving

like to cuddle

R.I.P. stephen we love and miss you. 8/11/08

my birthday is 8/11/1995

i smell good

i look bad

i would love to get to kno you sooo commment!!!!!!!!!
i love my music

if you love music comment bands or songs to listen  to
text me 603 660 9923 
and i have issues with my sunglassess
add me on facebook
i love jackie eaton
music is my life i cant live without an ipod

Quotes by lilred

pick me up buttercup baby

our first hug was in the hallway. our first time holding hands was during wonder pets the first time we cuddled was durring degrassi our first kiss was during up. i can talk to you about everything i get butterflies every tim we talk or even if i think about you. i am so whiped its not even funny
    i <3 paige marie gibson

girls are like fingers and toes you can count on them
love is one soul inhabiting two bodies
ever had one of those day that you just wernt feelin it?
i hate women
im a guy... i love you
terrorists= the kids no one ever loved
                          now having said this show a little love guys come on no judging give everyone a chance

go show a kid whom youve never met some love.. showing love could just mean saying hi.. just be nice do it for me please

                   love makes the world go round
                                                                              i love you guys
i am a straight man and i cried during the following movies
my girl : i cant even watch mygirl anymore
plus more i cant remember

just thought i would tell everyone
and i love witty girls
when ever i go to tell you how i feel something always comes up i feel like the world hates me
            but i love you