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Quotes by lilshawtttty6915

Much more than a grammy award, thats how much you mean to me. < 3

Screw all the mind games, all i want is the real thing. < 3

& she says she doesn't care, but the look in her eye tells a completely different story. < 3
I'm fighting for the girls who NEVER thought they could win. < 3

D.T.F? I love me some jersey shore, and Pauly D. < 3

As much as people talk about me, you'd think I'm famous? But naah, people gonna hate no matter what.  

And i'm still waiting for that one boy, to prove that they all aren't the same. < 3

If you like something do it, if it makes you different oh well people will have to learn to except the fact your you and nobody is the same. (: Never stop, or give up on something you love it's your life and you live it, don't let people control you! < 3
I kinda want a witty best friend, < 3 Comment if you're down with that. :D