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Alyssa Marie.
15 years young.
Single but my heart is taken♥.
Crushin' on Someone.
Blow out the candles on February 24th.

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Quotes by lilsis24

All I want for Christmas is you..
I fell for you so hard.
&& I hope you are willing to catch me. ♥

Rough Day.
Got called dumb as  a pile of rocks and fat.
This sucks..

My heart goes out to all that have been effected by Hurricane Sandy. </3

You're turning out to be

everything you promised

you wouldn't be.

100% NOT MINE.


Just because today is not easy,
doesn't mean you should give up.
It only means you have to fight harder.

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I was so strong..until now. I'm falling apart and nobody sees it.
The reason I am the way I with him is because I got my heart completely broken 1 year ago by another guy.  I am afraid to get hurt that bad again. Its hard for me to let people in and be attached to them, because I’m afraid that they will hurt me. </3


He just popped into your mind && I didn't describe him.
Whether you are with him, you have a "thing," he doesn't know you exist, or what ever the situation may be..Don't Give Up. It's all worth it.

Homecoming 2012♥