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By Tori, the great and powerful ^-^

(your password is really obvious lol)

Well since I have the freedom to say

whatever I want now, I'm gonna tell you

about this girl.

Yup, okay, so this girl is lilly. She's super

duper fantabulous.

She isn't my friend though.

Yeah that's right, this girl is my sister.

Well also, she's really pretty. She probably

doesn't believe it, but it's true.

Well I can tell this lady anything. But

always knows what I'm thinking anyway, so

it isn't really necessary.

Did I spell that right?

Probably not.

Oh well. YOLO.


She putz z's onz the endz ofz everythingz.

Idkz whyz.



Also, she's the best rollerskating buddy a girl could ask for.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand... yeah, that's perdy much it.

Idk what else to say. So...


I luuuuuuuuuuuurve yew :)



This is lilly's other sister, Emily.

I am hacking her, too.

(seriously your password is so obvs, lilly)

soooooo, Just wanted to let y'all know

that Lilly is AH-MAZING

don't even try to deny it

or I will come to your house

and stuff you down the toilet.

this is a poem about Lilly:

Lilly is ah-mazing

she likes unicorns

and sparkles

and she loves to laugh

and so does Emily

and they laugh

at everything.

because they are

just that awesome.

the end.

Soooo yeaahhh

that's all, I guess.




Quotes by lilster62

I need something cute and witty to say to my crush.
Any help? Please?
1.)He knows I like him
2.) We have never actually had a conversation
3.) He states at me a lot and blushes. He is super shy.
4.) He actually talks to almost everyone but gets all blushy and quiet around me
"It's not pink! It's salmon!"
Said just about every guy on tv.
Parents: don't take candy from strangers!
Me: I would never (until Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and parades come around)
Parents: don't talk to strangers!
Me: *uses omegle, kik, witty, and every other social media cite to talk to random people all around the world*
Me: okay!
I had a nightmare last night...
Basically it was my crush telling me over text that he thinks I never should have text him and that he never wants to talk to me again.
Worst nightmare ever.
Me: dude you are weird and socially awkward.
Boy: *gives sad look*
Me: what I meant is "you're just my type."
Boy: *smiles and blushes*
My life would suck without you :')
#Panda Swagg ^o^
I love him because we are both socially awkward.
You know I'm really mad or irritated if I'm not smiling because usually I can't stop smiling. :)
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