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Well hello there!
My name is Lindsey and I play soccer, basketball and run track. 
I have darkkkkkkkk brown eyes and light brown hair.
I love my bestfriends Kara and Shea ♥
I have had my fair share for friends and liars, so I know who my
true friends are... finally.

xoxo Lindsey xoxo

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The first time I had McFlurry, 
I thought they the spoon was straw too,

you're not alone.


Torn Between Two
Chapter 4
"Mom, I want you to meat someone" Noah said
"Who" his mother snapped back
"Brittany," he said with courage
his mother came out and gave me a strange look, "why is she here?" she asked with disrespect. "she is my girlfriend" Noah said. 
"I dont care about you, or her!" she exclaimed
We were just about to leave when i heard some man scream "you are a worthless piece of sh/t.!" Noah told me to get in the car, as quick as possible and drive home. "with your car," I asked. "Yes, JUST LEAVE" he shouted. I ran as fast as I could in my heels, I jumped in the car and turned it on. I locked the door and waited in the driveway for Noah. 
I heard screaming coming from the house. I was so scared, I dialled "9-1-1"

The police came right away and arrested Noah father, Buck, for abusing him and his mother since Noah was born. I had no idea his dad was abusive.
When the police finally left we sat in the car and just talked, about his mother into drugs, his dad was an alcoholic and abusive and how his sister died of cancer. He had a horrible life, I felt so bad for him... both of his parents were gone and arrested now. He has nowhere to live. "You can live with me ," I suggested.
"are you sure," he asked, "will your parents approve?"
"i dont care, you need a place to live!" I said sharply

I forced him to drive me to my house to meet and tell my parents abouth his/our situation. 
"Mom, I need you to meet somebody" I said
"Oh, one sec, Let me finish this paragraph" she said. She was a news repoter so she did this all of the time. When she finished writing she came into the living romm. 
I told her about Noah and I and how we were going out an that his parents got arrested and the whole shabang.
She was stunned. "Yeah, of course you can stay here, Noah" She said
I've never seen him smile bigger.

I gave Noah the tour of my house. My mom sais he had to stay in the quest bedroom, but we both knew that was not going to happen. We put his stuff in his  new bureau, set up his bathroom, and unpacked most of his stuff. I helped him set up his bathroom, and I saw a box of condoms with his things... it made me think, was he wearing one last night? 

I hope you guys like it so far!


Torn Between Two
Chapter 3
Long but worth it!
With the officers light shinging in our face we scrambled to get our suits back on, but we couldn't find my bottoms... They were somewhere out in the ocean. Two officers came down, one male one female. "why are you here, what are you doing, who are you, where are you from, do your parents know about this?!?" they asked us, along with many other questions. They let us the hook with a warning, because we were so young. 
"well, this is my fault, I bet you want to go home now," he said miserably. "No" i responded slowly. "how is it not my fault, i'm so f ucking stupid" he said. I grabbed him and pulled him in close, "no its not, we had a great night, it couldn"tve been better" I whispered in his ear. 
As the police were finally out of sight we got out and got dressed. We walked up to the car and we got in and started driving home, "wait, do you go to my school" i asked him, "I just moved here, i didnt realize that I would meet somebody this quick!" 
I chuckled, " where are you from?" I asked, "Oh, i'm from Bellrica" "Bellrica?" i asked "Massechussetts" "ohh thats not far from here" I stated, "Yeah it is only like an hour awayfrom, Hampton (our town)" he said. We just continued chatting about his family and his friend from home who was moving to Hampton next week.
As we were approaching my street I said, "I don't want to go home." 
"what do you mean you don't want to go home?"
"i want to be with you"
"but my parents dont know I met somebody.."
"ohh, then can I meet them tomorrow," i asked
"of course, they will love you"

As I was going to sleep that night I was thinking, is he a liar, does he really like me, but then i stopped myslef, i knew i was looking for the bad in him.

The next morning I awoke to something hitting my window, pebbles. i looked out and there he was.
I told my mom I was going out for breakfast, I ran outside and gave him the biggest hug. 
We got into the car and left for his parents house.

I hope you guys like it so far!


Torn Between Two
Chapter 2
In the end of this chapter it gets kind of dirty, I am like this at all, but it is a story, so i figured yolo.. 

I was walking along the boardwalk... I managed to get myself an icecream and a pair of shoes! Then I heard somebody shout my name, "Brittany!?" I turned around and right infront of me, was him. I could almost swim in his baby blue eyes. "Hey, i've been looking for ya" he said excitement "me... me too" i stuttered... "is everything alright, Brit" he asked.
"oh, im fine I was just joking," i spat out.

We went to the Arcade. He bought $50 worth of coins for me, JUST FOR ME. I kept losing at pinball so he stood at my heels, his head peering over my shoulder, and his hands on mine, taught me how to win. I've never fealt so good, I thought to myself. He looked me in the eyes and kissed me. It wasn't my first kiss but it wasn't one expected either! I don't like kissing on the first date, but with him I felt... safe.
We then went for a walk down the beach, our hands intertwined like thread in a cloth. For once I felt as if we were only people left on the planet. Just us, Brittany and Noah. Then I heard a voice from behind us, "Noah why are you holding the hippo's hand" the person said with a chuckle. It was Ally, she always calledme hippo... because I looked fat to her, to be honest she is bigger than I am! Noah turned around andlooked at Ally and mumbled to me, "don't listen to her, youre beautiful, she is a b//tch." I leaned in close to him and we kept walking, but to no surprise Ally continued following us, "loner," Noah mumbled to me again. "pfffft, no kidding," i responded...

When Ally stopped following us we sat down on the beach, right next to the water... I was wearing white shorts so he let me sit in his lap, you know so they wouldn't get dirty. But little did I know when he pulleda bag out of his pocked that there would be a brand new bikini! There were out-houses near bye so I went in an changed. When I came out I found Noah in a bathing suit aswell. "jump in!" he shouted. I put my toes in, it was surprisingly warm. "I think I need help" I said voulnerably. "what?" he respnded, playing stupid. "I surely can't walk over to the water, I will get sand on my feet." I said, playing stupid too. In a flash he was sprinting toward me, he lifted me up into his arms, and sprinted in the water... he put me down and splashed me. I splashed him back and we were both splashing everywhere. It was starting to get dark (the beach in my town closes at 8:30), It was almost 8:30, so i asked Noah if we should wrap things up, "ummm, lets not, lets be rebels, for one night, it will be fun, we can have so fun." he said in a sexy voice. I walked over to him, he instantly grabbed my waist and pulled me in close, it was starting to get cold, but his warmth was heating me. We started kissing, then making out, then he went to un-tie my top. "im not ready for this," i said "im so sorry, i thought you were, i never wouldve.." I cut him off "I dont care, tonight we are going to be rebels, we are going to have fun, right?" I said. "Yeah," he said in a worried tone. "Then lets have fun" I said as I was pulling his bathing suit down. "are you sure you want to?" he asked me. "yes, lets have a good time, lets fall in love" I said. "okay, lets have fun" he whispered in my ear, making me even more voulnerable.  
Less than seconds later we were both naked, and I bet you know what we were doing. We were just about to do dirtier things, but I saw flashing lights. The police had been watching us.

I hope you guys like it so far!


Torn Between Two
Chapter 1
One day my bestfriend, Cindy, and I went for a walk. We were gossiping about Ally, the school bully. She bullies me everyday. Apparently to her I have "wide eyes", big hips, fat a ss, man hands. Nothing about me was good enough for her. Nothing. As Cindy and I were continuing our walk guess who we walked by. Madelyn and Juliet. The school w hores, and what were they wearing, skin tight tank tops, light blue booty shorts and 4 " heels. No surprise there. As we walked by I though I waswalking by the Perfume section of JC Penny's. I could barely breathe through all of that perfume. Just thinking about it makes me dizzy. Ew. 
Cindy and I stopped for lunch at a local diner, " Alicia's."
There, I met Noah. He was sitting at the table next to ours. I remebered what he ordered too, Chocolate chip pancakes with wipped cream and strawberries on top. Iordered the same thing, what can I say, it is the best in town. But we both finished lunch and got up to leave at the same time. He bumped my chair, It hit my leg and i almost fell, but he caught me. Like a gentleman. We talked while walking to our cars. "Lets go to the boardwalk tonight, at 7," he said. "yeees sir," I responded with a grin. 
"yeess sir," Cindy said mocking me. I laughed. We drove back to my place, It was 6:30! I needed to get ready for the date. Cindy did my makeup and picked out my clothes, what else are bestfriends for? It was 6:45 now. We hoppedin her car and were off in a flash. 
We arrived at the board walk, I scooched out of the car. She drove off, rather... quickly.

I hope you guys like it so far!


Torn Between Two
As our lips smacked together I could feel his hand going up the back of my shirt, and snap, my bra was un-hooked. I ripped his shirt off with ease, I was used to it, we did this all the time. Seconds later his boxers were laying down by his ankles. Can you guess where my thong was. Not on me, thats for d amn sure. The story goes on getting dirtier and dirtier but you can figure out what happens... 
It was my first time going this far. Yeah before we would get close, but never did "it."
But, that story is for a later time. My name is Brittany, I'm a straight A student at Gerryfield Highschool. I have very long brown hair, and apperantly I'm very outgoing.. but to me it seems like i mope all around.
But Noah, my boyfriend, and I had the best relationship. Now, we have nothing, and never will have anything. Ever  again.


I'm going to write a story, I need characters! 
The story is a romance/tragedy kind of story(:
just comment who you want to be, first come first served! when you comment what you want to be just give a short description of you (age, name, height, haircolor, personality)

Main Character
Main Character's Best Friend
Main Character's Boyfriend
Boyfriends Bestfriend
B/tch 1
B/tch 2

Thanks Guys, I will be posting the Characters when all the partsare filled(:

Everything will be okay in the end,


One direction quotes amke up almost all of wityy.! Can all you "directioners" tone it down a little bit..
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