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hey beautifu
 i'm lisa, i'm 15. i dont go on here anymore..
but feel free to fav my quotes and stuff:)
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hey gorgeous.







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Anyone wanna chat, i mean anyone ?:)

i want some new friends :)

h e l l o   t h e r e  , i t t
i cant even remember the last time i was on here. i just had a feeling that i wasnt done here. but when i signed on today, i realised how much i have missed witty. all the memories, feelings and people came back to mind. i remeber the first time i came on here. i have no idea it would make such an impact on me.  everyday after school i'd come on here, i was truely a-d-d-i-c-t-e-d. but, things change, people change, everything changes. i wont be on witty any longer. school is number one for me right now. i'll never forget witty though it helped me through a time where none of my 'real' friends did and i cant thank all the girls on witty for that. thanks for putting up with my venting you guys are amazing. but the one thing i will miss the most, is making quotes. i adored expressing myself in quotes for everyone too see and when people fav'd them, you know, it made me feel special, cause' it ment people could relate to them which ment i wasn't alone in the way i was feeling. even though i only made 192 quotes, they 192 quotes are how i felt then, so i hope you guys can still relate to them, i won't delete them. i'll probally come back for a visit one day. 1, 5, 10 years time, i'll come back. just not now. see ya, witty.


She's prettier. 
She's smarter.

She's skinnier.

She's better.

 I get it.


if two people are ment to be together
            they will eventually find their ways back into eachothers arms
no matter what




 Can i say something?
Sure, whats up?


I like you.. kay bye.
 Come back! i like you too;)




My Eyes During A Hard Test: (←_←)(←_←)(→_→)(→_→)

Teacher Comes By Me: (↓_ ↓)

Teacher Walks Away: (←_←)(→_→)

The awkward moment
when you're trying to get over someone you never even dated

this is what i look like to him.

 Ever since i met you
it hasn't been the same
all you got me doing

is drawing hearts around your name ♥

people say

'hate' is a strong word, yet people play with 'love' like its nothing