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Well Hello there,

My name is Alyssa.

Im from pennsylvania.

I play softball &+ Field Hockey.

I have the best friends ever.

My family and friends make my life.

I am mostly always nice if your nice to me.

Drama is not my number one thing.

I wish my life could be perfect. But no one is.

Imma christian. <3

I loveeeee the Hunger Games Movie.

If you have and questions go to the commment box and like my quotes up(;


I miss my beautiful angels watching over me. Rest in peace to the best aunt i could have ever asked for. Love you Kelly<3 12-23-11.

Rest in peace to the funiest loving softball coach i could have ever asked for. Love and miss you don. 9-17-10<3

Status: Welll its easter and im excited for break with friends and family.<3