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Hey there :)
my name is Jules.


Quotes by little_miss_sunshine_15

I'm going to a glee
concert in a few hours,
fav if your a 'gleek' too ♥

{Now I'm Falling in love}
As he's walking away &&

My heart won't tell my mind
\\To tell mouth what it should say//


I Hope my kids see the day
 ♥ when cancer is just a zodiac sign♥


I just went on itunes

and on the top 100 charts

Taylor Swift's new song

was number one;

Kanye West's new song

was number two;

Karma much?  [♥]

i think  so. :)

   Sitting In Math Class Thinking
"When the hell will I ever use this in life?!?!"

Maybe For Halloween
airplanes will dress up as shooting stars
for Hayley Williams and B.OB.

R.I.P Summer 2010
June 16, 2010 - September 7, 2010



Remember When  We Were Little
we would  say 
"Do you like him, or do  you
'LIKE-LIKE' him?"

Finding Nemo Quote* #1
Marlin: I promised I'd never let anything happen to him!
Dory: Well thats a silly thing to promise, you can't let anything never happen to him cause then nothing would ever happen to him;
not much fun for little Harpo.

 Ridin' Solo Obviously means 
that Jason Derulo 
just doesn't like hitch hikers.