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Quotes by little_random_fact

People are confusing... and annoying
Happy Birthday
Harry Styles
So let them talk about us
Let them call us funny things
People sometmes do

I don't care 

As long
As you know I love you
And you know I do
Happy Birthday Zayn Malik
Merry Christmas Wittians!
Love is like a stretched rubber band

It only works when both people are holding on

It stings when one lets go while the other is still holding on
Those girls who say
"inner beauty is better than your looks"

but never go a day without wearing make-up...
So, on twitter
there was this thing 
that said

Get Niall out of 1D

Is it just me who thinks this is really, really sad and is it just me who is really angry?

Please fave/ comment if you agree with me

I find it kinda
when guys

good with kids
People say we
be together-

too young 
to know about