Status: I love you Ryan <3 21812<3(:
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Location: Long Island, New York
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Hi im Eileen!:D
I am currently a sophmore,15.
Long Island, New York. & i love it.
Yankees are my life, music is my passion.
i am a musician, hellll yessss
Of course theres always that one boy.
I smile ALL the time, and i laugh at everything and anything(:
Timeflies is my favorite artists.
They keep me going everyday. i love them more then anything.
One Direction is also amazing. 
I would do anything for animals, i love them all.
Pretty Little Liars, & The Walking Dead are my obsessions. 
Mark texeira, Liam Payne, & Ashley Benson are the most inspiring people.
Twitter: eileen acker
Ryan, 2/18/12 <3

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Quotes by littleackaa101

Im gonna try to be happy all the time again
......just like i use to be, because i miss the old me.


Gonna try to start livin again'


They'll hate you if you're pretty,
They'll hate you if you're not.
They'll hate you for what you lack & 
They'll hate you for what you got.



I find such large collar bones so attractive.

i cannot pack without procrastinating 

Happy birthday

Derek Jeter!(:

Y  A  N  K  E  E  S


Even the best fall down sometimes.
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme. 




i would rather live a life of
"oh wells"

"what ifs"




Why have perfection
when you can have happines




The only person i have to be better then

is the person i was yesterday