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The greatest pleasure in life is doing

what people say you cannot do.

Hai. I’m Megan.

Hogwarts/District12/Forks, WA
Reading.OneDirection.Food.and uhh, you. *WINKY FACE*

If my opinion bothers you, feel free to block me.
*insert thumbs up here*

Taylor Swift.Ed Sheeran.The Beatles.


go hit up samsung, maaddiissoonn, laaurenn, and sydney_star. k? k.

He will fill your mouth with laughter
and your lips with shouts of joy

-Job 8:21
Steve followed 8/18/12

Quotes by littleleftofthemiddle

Physical Education?

no, no. more like

Pointless Embarrassment


Mom: what was that?

Me: my shirt fell

Mom: it sounded a lot heavier than that

Me: I was in it

Why do teachers have
such an intense hatred for wikipedia?

because it does their job better than them.


The benefit of knowing me?

you can stand beside me and look

100 times more attractive than you

actually are.

I'm at a wedding and after their vows,

the pastor said

"you may now update your Twitters and Facebooks"

The bride and groom took out their

phones and took a selfie.

then kissed.

ah 21st century couples!

I'm leaving witty.

for those of you who care~
i've been planning on it for a while now...
my reasons are many, but here are a few

1. school. I'm getting too distracted.

2. SOME of the people on this site....either depress me with their quotes, or aggrivate me with their rudeness and language.

3. My quotes aren't contributing to what witty is supposed to be. So, the less wittians there are like me, the closer witty is getting to what witty is supposed to be

4. I found that i was obsessed with making quotes and getting top quotes. thats not what witty is about. I need to stop.

I'll still be on very occassionally, making quotes from time to time.
but not like before. Today will be my last full day. :)

God bless~

Me: I need a dinner reservation for Valentine's Day.
Siri: I'll see if any restaurants have a table for one.
Me: No. I need a reservation for two.
Siri: Why? Is your mother in town?

getting owned by siri...
"We'll always be together"

its a new song by me feat. my computer.

If a murderer wanted to lure me

out of my room all they'd have to do is turn off my

wifi cause sure as heck im gonna go

see why it isn't wokring.


Trees just sorta stand there.

they remind me of me.